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 So, I realized it's been a while since I posted any kind of update and realized I mostly talk about work, writing, and some personal stuff that is going on in my life. And I have to say that I feel comfortable sharing these topics with my friends that are close to my heart, buy yet so very far away.

Work is going well at the moment.  I completed a Home Visit on Friday and it took me 30 minutes to get there due to a detour. I completed the necessary paperwork and just have to go over it before I make copies and send them to the designated people. So that won't take me long to do.  Though, work will be interesting this week and next week. My co-teacher is on vacation and we lost a teacher due to her being pregnant and soon to deliver her baby boy. I will be opening all week, so I will get some time online and checking emails, dreamwidth, and other things. Then the week after I'm on vacation and another teacher is too. So it will be interesting. 

As for writing, I try not to complain or bitch too much about it, but I found that it helps me deal with my emotions with writing. I have been making progress, good progress and I don't want the feeling to go away. I've been struggling with a specific shipping and their characterization. I wrote this shipping recently and I was pulled in multiple different directions. My anxiety was up and I thought negatively for a little while. I like how the fic turned out and mostly deal with my beta instead of multiple people. I just want my Sam/Dean to be my version and interpretation of them and not others view. But, I've been having a view bunny plot ideas and feel nervous about adventuring into some genres I've only read about. I want to try infantilism, BDSM, bestially, at the moment and see what I come up with. Though, I may need support and help to keep working through these ideas to get my thoughts out on the page or more like to page on goggle docs. LOL. Wish me luck. I'll really need some cheerleaders and support with these topics. 

So I'll be away for a week and a half. I'll do my best to keep in touch and keep up with posts and things so I feel connected with you all!!!
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