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Title: The Birthday Party

Prompt: Purple Pizzazz

Fandom: Madrona

World: Lantana

Character: Pearl Aster

Word Count: 100

Summary: Pearl plans her sweet sixteen birthday party with her family.

A/N: The Month of April was the Month of Rainbows at [community profile] allbingo. I made a 2x2 bingo card, to help motivate myself to complete some prompts to help support my writing. I completed my bingo card before my vacation, but wanted a beta to look at them before posting. This is original works: plot, world building, and character development are propriety of the author. Thank you, [personal profile] cheshirejin for the beta!!!

Pearl knew her birthday was around the corner before she turned the big sixteen. She was full of pizzazz to plan the family party to fit her set of standards.  Pearl laughed at the suggestion by her parents about her birthday but very receptive to the idea. A big milestone in her life that she wanted to go all out with her vision for this special day.

Pearl wanted everything in her favorite color purple and it would be spread all around the house. Everyone would most likely be dreading it, but she couldn’t help herself, she loved the color.  


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