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I'm sending out an invitation for all artist - who would be able to create a SMALL visual piece to go along with my first prompt challenge for my Supernatural Creatures Community.

Please contact me by PM and I will fill you in with the details.
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Well the Big Bang reveal has happened and as a first time Big Bang challenger I don't even know what to say about it! All I know is that I am very excited and enjoying this roller-coaster ride of a journey.

I would like to share my story summary with everyone.

Title: Finding Love through Nature

Summary: Jared and Jensen have been on Supernatural for 9 years and the show is going out with a BANG!! Before season 9 starts, Jensen and Danni break up. Jared supports Jensen through the break up and helps support him to move on. Jared has a flash back of his break up with Gen and the support he got from Jensen. Jensen knows Jared is gay, but never had feelings for him until well his break up with Danni. So as friends Jared plans a trip to Maine, but also wants to share his feelings with Jensen. They go to Maine and while they are there; they go to different tourist attractions in nature where feelings are expressed but no one wants to take the next step. Finally their feelings become too much, will either one of them be able to tell the other how they really feel for the other?!

Plus, I am very excited to have been claimed by the talented [livejournal.com profile] banbury!!!! Thank you so much for picking my story and giving me a chance!!! I am very excited to work with you and a vision of my story brought to life!!

I am also very excited to be working with my beta, [livejournal.com profile] bumblebat79, who received knowledge regarding my hunt for a beta. I am grateful that my summary caught your eye and your offer to be my beta!!! I am so blessed and honored through this process that its still so surreal to me in the long run.


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