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Please help me raise donations for my Goddaughter and her family to be able to purchase a wheelchair van. My goddaughter, Reanne, will be turning 12 years old in November, and she is a little fighter. Sadly, her family is unable to take her on family trips because of the healthy and safety issues Reanne faces on a daily basis. My Goddaughter has lived passed her life expectancy according to her doctor's knowledge on her heart defect and chromosome disorder. She should never be left out of family occasions and family trips because she not longer fits in a car seat. Please help me and her family raise money for this necessary purchase for Reanne to partake in all family aspects and life!!!!

Donate to Wheels for Reanne Fundraiser
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I am holding a fundraiser for my goddaughter and her family. They are in need of a wheelchair van to transport my goddaughter, Reanne, to live a healthy life with her family.

Wheels for Reanne

Please check out the link about...any donations are welcomed and appreciated!!!
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In my free time when I am not writing or reading fantastic stories in fandom, I like to make cross-stitch projects. I have recently started creating projects on plastic canvas.

I have about 10 projects complete and in the process of opening up a business for my projects. I need some help with the name of my business.

Please vote or add your suggestion of a name in the comments!!!

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Sep. 8th, 2015 08:47 pm
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Well, it's been a crazy summer. I have been dealing with health issues within my family and everything is looking up. MY family is very happy and relieved with the results that were benign. As for me, I am relieved with the results and pleased to know my family is healthy. I'm quite happy.

I have 2 more classes left until I graduate with my Master's and I can't believe I will be done school within the next 4 months. It's surreal to say the least. I am working hard on my assignments and learning valuable information that will benefit my professional career in the early childhood education field.

And with all the time solely focused with my family and school, writing took a turn and it sitting at a stop sign waiting to move down the street.

I am asking for some prompts to help me get back into some writing because I have missed it so much. I get blown away with my favorite authors that are able to write multiple stories at one time. It's amazing. I get inspired by your writing style and the words you use, the emotions the characters go through, and how realistically they are to real life. I would love to write a beautiful piece that speaks to others. Though I am VERY far away from it.

Please send me some amazing ideas or encouraging words. I miss writing.
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I feel like an ass and who knows if anyone will help me out.

I could use some advice on keeping in-character of Sam and Dean.

I would love to hear what your thoughts are on the subject. I would love a list or any form really of your in-character Sam and Dean as well as out-of-character Sam and Dean.

The story I'm writing needs to be IN CHARACTER and its completely, OUT of character at the moment. Any advice and suggestions on keep in-character would be appreciated.
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I saw this picture and I thought of Leviathans. They look like serpents or at least a form of a serpent. This sparked some interest and a plot bunny for my newest story.

Wish me Luck!!!

And it will be a Sam/Dean story!!!
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Well, I got permission from a couple communities to post a pimp post to share my prompt challenge and community around on LJ. Though now, I have no clue how I want to set up the post and get the word out for others to know about it.

Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated and I plan to post them sometime next week!!!

I'm excited about it - though very nervous, but I will be happy for any participation will bring a smile to my face!!! :)
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Hi Everyone

I have this community [livejournal.com profile] faerie_wish13 and I am looking for advice, suggestions, and help to make it grow and blossom. I have realized that I can't do it all on my own and not sure how to do it and get it out there to the public.

It was originally a place to make wished and certain faeries who answer the call and fulfill the wish being granted. Then with some influence a simple advice its now a place about supernatural creatures that are influenced by 4 main faeries. If you can help me and guidance or even want to be my partner it would be greatly appreciated!!!!!
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So I am working hard on my editing for my Big Bang story and I am excited to put total focus on it this weekend...starting tonight after my observation I need to do for school. My editings are going well, I have been able to add things and change some wording in it as well.

Though its got my muse flowing for my next story, which will be (Gen)eral and very full of emotional challenges of progress and set backs.

Though I have some questions. If anyone is will to share their thoughts about it.

Thoughts on story about infantilism )
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After having a small conversation with [livejournal.com profile] saltandburnboys; I was given wonderful feedback and suggestions regarding my community, [livejournal.com profile] faerie_wish13.

I am taking the suggestions and ideas to heart and excited to share my thoughts and inspiration to come to life.

It was suggestions to have an SPN Creatures Comm? Well I have to say I am truly up for the challenge. Though the guidelines and ideas will need to be updated regarding this. I am going to stick with the 4 main faerie's I have for the community to support the idea of the creatures comm. I am thinking of of 4 faeries have a sigil or spell to enter into a creature realm.

For example. The Faerie Wisdom seems to represent an angelic form. The faerie will have a angelic sigil to enter the angelic realm. The creatures that would fall under the angelic realm would be angels, archangels, prophets, reapers?, cupids, etc. The Faerie Energy seems to represent a demon form. The faerie will have a demon sigil to enter the demon realm. The creatures that would fall under the demon realm would be demons, acheri, croatoan virus, davea, etc.

Once I have made some changes to the comm or if anyone finds this interesting and would love to help me with it, contact me. Once it seems to be where I want it to go I would love to post information regarding the comm to other comms to get it out there. Anyway its a start and work in progress!!!
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Hey Everyone

Can someone tell me how to had fics (stories) and pictures (Manips) to my Memories. I used to do it all the time but its been awhile. Help PLEASE!!!!!


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