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I am dedicating this post to Jensen Ackles.

As most of you know by know Jensen has joined forces with Misha for the You Are Not Alone Campaign (YANA), a service to help those in need in honor of Jared, the message behind AKF, and the SPNFamily who support each other. But this campaign has not gone on in a positive manner. Jensen has been disrespected and accused of going behind his best friend's back in order to create his own charity. But guess what, HE IS DOING IT FOR HIS FANS!!!! With the support and help FROM Jared and Misha. The YANA Project was inspired by the AKF Project set forth by his best friend, Jared. It sickens me to know THIS fandom treats a beloved character and actor in this fashion. Jensen gets put in the middle of EVERYTHING. Jared and Jensen are the best of friends and are family to each other, why would Jensen try to steal it or make a competition out of charity work between the two. Really? You think that? If it was just Misha sharing the YANA Project with fans, the reception would have been accepted; the same goes for Jared, the reception would have been accepted; but when Jensen does it, the reception is unaccepted, disrespect, and ignorant towards a man who has his heart in the right place. Supporting the fans who have supported him and the show, but are these fans truly behind Jensen, supporting him and fighting for him, I would have to say no, sadly no.

I am disgusted that the SPN Fandom can treat these actors in this manner. The hatred towards characters and the love for others is stupid and immature. Jared, Jensen, and Misha talk about the SPN Family all the time, but if we are a family we don't treat loved ones in this fashion. Jensen deserves more than that and deserves the respect whether or not we agree with him or not. Jensen Ackles is a human being, a human being who makes mistakes, who plays a beloved character on Supernatural, and gives back to the fans that have made Supernatural what it is today. These fans who have treated Jensen and his character is disrespect, ignorance, and anger; they are not true fans after all. We are lucky that Jensen is part of social networking and shares his personal life with us, he does not need to do it, but chooses to and connect with his fans that love and support him.

I love Jensen Ackles for who he is, for his strengths and weaknesses, for what makes him human!!! I love Jensen Ackles for being who he was meant to be with a heart of gold!!! <3 <3

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Aug. 9th, 2014 10:45 pm
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Another picture of Jensen for the [livejournal.com profile] rlbivob
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Found this picture on Facebook - reminds me on the community with mobster Jensen, I hope I got it right.
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So I was at Rite-Aid picking up my prescription and I noticed an ad that had Jensen Ackles on it for eye glasses.


The amazing art was made by maichan-art and its amazing. Though I think maichan-art deserves full credit for it.
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I was wondering if there is a place for Bottom!Jensen or Bottom!Dean.

I have been craving for some awesome bottom!Jensen and I can't seem to find many. Please send me in the right direction please!!

Also I am wondering if anyone knows of a virgin!shy!Jensen stories I would be greatly appreciated with the information!!!

And it would be a great birthday wish granted for me too!!!
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