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Title: The Odd Flower Out

Prompt: Wild Strawberry

Fandom: Madrona

World: Lantana

Character: William Aster

Word Count: 124

Beta: cheshirejin

Summary: William plants a new bush in the garden and discovers a sweet surprise.
A/N: The Month of April was the Month of Rainbows at
[community profile] allbingo. I made a 2x2 bingo card, to help motivate myself to complete some prompts to help support my writing. I completed my bingo card before my vacation, but wanted a beta to look at them before posting. This is original works: plot, world building, and character development are propriety of the author.

Dad said I could find a spot in the garden for the strawberry bush.  I thought would look great by the strawberry foxglove seed plant standing tall in the back of the lot. The foxglove was tall with dangling hoods of a pale pink color. I read in Dad’s planting book that most strawberry bush plants have white flowers blossoming into a bulb for the fresh fruit to come in.

A few days later, I went to check on the strawberry bush to see how it was growing when I noticed a bright, wild strawberry colored flower bloom along with a batch of white flowers. Seeing the rare pink colored petals, I knew without a doubt, this strawberry would be large and extra tart.


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