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Title: Bonding Time

Prompt: Tickle Me Pink

Fandom: Madrona

World: Lantana

Character: Samantha Aster

Word Count: 100

Beta:[personal profile] cheshirejin

Summary: Remembering a moment in her daughter’s life.
A/N: The Month of April was the Month of Rainbows at
[community profile] allbingo. I made a 2x2 bingo card, to help motivate myself to complete some prompts to help support my writing. I completed my bingo card before my vacation, but wanted a beta to look at them before posting. This is original works: plot, world building, and character development are propriety of the author.

My baby girl has grown into a well-balanced and respectable lady. I remember when Pearl was an infant and had pink flushed cheeks that stood out from her pale body. Giving my girl a bath was an adventure full of splashing every surface she could reach with her tiny hands and feet.  No matter how long she was in the bath, Pearl hated seeing the soft towel; knowing it was time to get out. Though, wrapping the towel around my baby, Pearl sighed in content, waiting for the raspberries to tickle her stomach, sending the girl in a laughing frenzy. 


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